In order to balance play with a much smaller group than we are used to, in a difficult setting, I am adding a feature that I had been conceiving for a while.
It is meant to be a mid point between feats and traits. You are not required to take them if you do not want, but please consider it.

Starting at 2nd level and every 5 levels thereafter you gain 1 Attribute from the list below. The only prerequisites are the listed level limiters on each one. Taking an Attribute comes with a price, which here I will refer to as a ‘Drawback’, but will rename later so as not to be confusing.

Attributes are not required. If you look through the list at later levels and decide that you don’t want to take the drawback for any of the listed benefits, you don’t have to. Remember: every Attribute needs a corresponding Drawback for its level. Each Attribute, unless otherwise specified in it’s text, can only be taken once, and grants its own Attribute Bonus. Each Drawback can also only be taken once.
Obviously if you take, say number 7’s Attribute, you cannot take the number 2 drawback, and so on. If you are in doubt, ask.

Levels 2 – 6
1). At this level you gain 4 bonus skill points to be put wherever you wish.
2). At this level, pick 2 skills to become permanent class skills.
3). Pick one cantrip you may use 1/2 character level + Int mod per day (minimum 1).
4). Pick two languages. You can speak them, but not write or read them.
5). You gain the Craft: Various skill. Please read below for further information.
6). You gain proficiency with 2 weapons of the simple or martial type that your class does not gain access to.
7). Gain Dark-vision out to 30 ft if your race did not already have it.
8). Add 5 ft to your base movement.
9). Pick two knowledges. You can make these checks untrained.
10). Pick one mental or physical ability score, and increase it by one.

Levels 10 – 14
1). At this level you gain +2 Initiative.
2). At this level you gain access to one level 1 spell off the wizard list. You can cast this spell a number of times a day equal to your Int modifier.
3). You gain a natural bite attack that does 1d4.
4). Add 5 to your health roll this level
5). Pick one save. Add +2 to it.
6). You gain proficiency with one exotic weapon your class does not gain access to.
7). Pick one resistance. You gain +5 to it this level.
8). Pick one armor or shield type. You either gain proficiency, or take -1 off of your armor check penalty.
9). You gain one more profession off of the profession list and its listed bonus
10). You add 2 to your strength modifier for carry weight purposes.

Levels 2 – 6
1). You lose the ability to speak, read, understand, and write one of your languages. If you have only common or the equivalent, you cannot take this drawback.
2). You lose all Dark-vision. If you did not have Dark-vision, you cannot take this drawback.
3). Pick two class skills: they are no longer class skills for you.
4). You sprout unseemly horns from your head (gm rolls for look). Take a -2 on all Charisma based checks.
5). You lose 5 ft off your base movement.
6). Your eye sight becomes clouded. Take a -2 on all sight based perceptions and a -1 on ranged attacks past 30 ft.
7). You become ungodly hungry. You must eat twice the daily food that you normally would have to.
8). You love money and treasure. If a teammate possesses more money or treasure than you do, you take a -2 to diplomacy and sense motive towards them until the balance of wealth is tipped.
9). An unnatural fear grips you. Gm rolls, you become afraid of a different thing after every long rest, and if you come within 5 ft of the feared person or object you become shaken for as long as you are close and for 1d4 rounds after.
10). You mistrust anyone who is not of your race. You will not give them supplies, money, or directions, however you may aid them if their life is threatened.

Levels 10 – 14
1). Lose -2 Initiative
2). Pick one save. Take -2 off of it this level.
3). Take 5 off of your health roll this level
4). Take 10 ft off your base movement
5). Pick two skills. Add -2 to them in the Misc. category


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